Motion Graphics
Thể lệ cuộc thi iKhiến 2023
Line Story
Typo Text SSI
Visual Prompting
Introduction Dr.Aid - VinBrain | Explainer video | Motion Graphics Video
Introduction the CAD-CAE | Explainer video | Motion Graphics Video
Tam hậu Introduction FSOFT 2023 | Event Promo Video
Challenge SN FAM | Typography With UI Animation
Kick off PM Contest | Typography With UI Animation
Teaser Cloud Turbocharge | Typography With UI Animation
Trailer FSOFT Demo Day | Motion Graphics
18.03 Sản xuất video bài trình diễn VCB #5
22.03 Dựng 4 clip vinh danh Top 100 FSOFT 2024 Cầu giấy #4
Teaser KV A Quizzes Apollo #3
02.06 [DOC] Website 2 0 Key - FCI #2
Unlock Your Potential | FPT Software Academy | Motion Graphics Video
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